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The Doctor

October 2015

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The Doctor

Jul. 19th, 2015 06:24 pm
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Name: "The Doctor"
Age: 900 (Disputed and completely unreliable)
Species: Time Lord
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Planet of Origin: Gallifrey
Home: The TARDIS
PB: Christopher Eccleston 

History: Can be found here: and here: I am not typing it all out because wow, long. He is current up to the Ninth Doctor.


The Doctor is haunted by the end of the Time War. He hides a great deal of sorrow and anger behind a mask of manic energy and wit. He's less patient than some of his other incarnations, and "when he's stressed he likes to insult species". He's willing to let his enemies die (or even cause their death, in the case of the Daleks...going so far as to find a gun to use against one of them). He has tortured his enemies. He's very confident, in both his plans and his abilities, and he has a commanding presence that he's used more than once to win the obedience of various military units. He likes to remain in the background when possible, and often encourages others to acts of heroism.

He can have fun from time to time. He knows how to dance, enjoys music, and enjoys the company of his companions and their friends. Despite being mostly celibate, he does playfully return flirtation when he's in a good mood.

More can be read here:


The Doctor is physically fit and able to hold his own in unarmed combat against opponents of human strength. He is highly knowledgeable about both human and alien weapons, though he prefers to remain unarmed except for his sonic screwdriver most of the time. He is a skilled swordsman.

He is also a very skilled pickpocket, able at one point to switch Jack Harkness's gun with a banana without him noticing.

The Doctor also is good at video games, knew how to handle explosives, and one could assume is also knowledgeable about both human and alien computer systems.

He also can slow his perception of time by concentrating on it, which leads to feats such as dodging spinning blades and catching poisoned darts out of mid-air.

Time Lords: (Just a rough overview, full article is much more in depth)

Physically, Time Lords look much the same as humans, at least on the outside, and they are born and go through childhood in much the same way. They are much hardier, though, and can survive injuries and environments that would kill normal humans. Their senses are much more keen, and they can sense time and space, as well. They are highly resistant to most forms of mind control.

Their body temperature is around 59 degrees Fahrenheit. They have two hearts. Their blood is darker than a human's, with an orange tint, and does not have the same blood types. They have no lungs, but instead have a series of pulmonary tubes. They are very buoyant and can hold their breath for much longer than a human. They have two livers, and many other extra organs, some of which have no human analogue. Their brains are larger than a human's, and have an extra lobe. They have conscious control of most of their bodily functions, and can slow their heartbeats, their breathing, and even effect their bodily chemistry enough to shrug off the effects of most drugs.

Aspirin is deadly, as are poisons such as cyanide (if not counteracted immediately) and mustard gas.
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